Boldly Protecting Your Investment

Versatile, movable, and visible - Bold Bollards are a new alternative to costly traditional steel bollards. Bold Bollards are easy to install, minimize damage to vehicles, and are easy to replace. Unlike traditional steel bollards, which need to be installed in the ground or bolted down, Bold Bollards can be easily filled and put into place. If hit and shifted, Bold Bollards can easily be moved back into their original location. Cost effective to install, move, or replace - Bold Bollards are an innovative alternative to traditional steel bollards.

Simple Set Up
The Patented Design allows Bold Bollards to be assembled and used in just a few minutes. Additionally, they may be filled with water, sand, gravel or even concrete depending on the location and application. Leave the base unfilled for a light duty, high visibility, and easily moveable solution. Partially or fully fill the base with water, sand, gravel, or even concrete for a more heavy duty solution.

Bold Bollards can be assembled with one, two, or three tubes, plus a variety of colors. Custom colors are available to coordinate with your personal business image. Sign messages are easily attached to our unique square caps. Bold Bollards can be used as an effective warning at night with the addition of LED lights.

Bold Bollards are Moveable
Unlike permanent steel bollards, Bold Bollards are Moveable! Our patented base design allows Bold Bollards to be lifted with a hand operated pallet jack or forklift. Unfilled, light duty Bold Bollards can also be moved by hand. Ease of movement allows for flexibility and versatility when creating awareness.

Multiple uses, multiple configurations, one BOLD solution

Use Bold Bollards to:

  • Add color and signage to parking lots
  • Protect buildings, entrances, drive-thru, gas pumps, and doors
  • Control pedestrian traffic
  • Designate vehicle parking, shopping cart return, curb locations
  • Create awareness at traffic intersections, bus stops, and roundabouts
  • Display signs, mailboxes, flags, and more!